Best Health and Fitness E-Books – Honest Reviews

For those of you that don’t know, an ebook is just like a regular book but you can download it online and start reading it seconds after you make your purchase.

You’ll find the same information on my squidoo lens, along with links to these ebooks.

Best Health and Fitness e-book 1: Burn the fat, feed the muscle

With a title like that, it has to be good. This is the bible of fitness e-books, with more accurate information than you’ll find anywhere else.

The book is a bit complicated, but using the book you can tailor a workout to your specific body type and goals.

Set up your workout with the information in this book, and you won’t waste a minute of your time. You could easily boost your workout effectiveness by 500%, and thats a safe analysis.

Seriously consider this one, it has been my best purchase ever. By the way, if you buy it through the link in my squidoo lens, go ahead and email me your receipt number so I can send you a free bonus!

Best Health and Fitness e-book 2: Fat Loss 4 Idiots Guide

You might have heard of this one before, it is very popular right now. It is a complicated diet that will let you lose weight without hitting the gym at all.

This is great if your real busy with kids, schoolwork, or a full-time job.

This program has an online diet generator with it that teachers you how to rotate types of calories to have your body effectively burn off of fat.

Buyer beware, you’ll need to buy and cook specific foods. This should be obvious but to a lot of people it isn’t…

This fitness e-book is different than the others, but that is what makes it interesting. My mom swears by this, shes lost eleven pounds already.

Best Health and Fitness e-book 3: No-nonsense Muscle Building

This is the way to get ripped fast, it is the e-book I refer too most often. This is for you hardcore builders who want to seriously explode with muscle definition.

The online calender that comes with this program is brilliant, it outlines your workouts every day. How easy!

Fair warning, these workouts are intense! I myself saw improvement not two weeks in!!

This e-book has an awesome section about workouts aimed at improving your weak spots. That one section was well worth the purchase.

Anyways those are my three favorite e-books. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is the best informative all-around e-book. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is great for busy mothers and other people who can’t find time to get to the gym. Lastly, No nonsense muscle building is great for anyone who wants to get ripped quickly.

It takes the average person 12 months to gain the muscle or lose the weight they want. With a proper program, this can be done in less than half the time. Personal trainers charge $600 or more for a program like this, purchasing an e-book will save you a lot of money!

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