Fabrication and Installation of Pond Liner and Geomembranes – Custom Solutions

Pond Liner and Geomembrane Lining Systems – Once known as “flexible membrane liners”, geomembranes encompass a broad group of products with distinctive properties and advantages in a multitude of uses as liners for pond lining, landfills, waste water ponds, floating covers, tanks, leach pads, reservoirs, lagoons, barriers, caps, secondary containment – application use is bounded only by the imagination.

What are Geomembranes and Geosynthetics? – Geosynthetics is a general classification representing all man-made materials used in geotechnical engineering applications including pond liners and lake lining. Many of its products are engineered to meet specific design requirements in fluid barrier systems or are designed to enhance the properties of existing soils (physical, hydraulic or mechanical).

Geosynthetics are a Smart Alternative – The value of these products lies in their ability to partially or completely replace [non-renewing] natural resources such as gravel, sand, bentonite clay and do so at a much lower cost. The technical advantages of geotech report geosynthetics are the engineered, testable, quality monitored properties of geosynthetic products versus the often difficult to verify quality and specs of naturally occurring materials. Different geosynthetic materials can be combined in order to perform desired functions, often yielding higher “rates” than the components taken separately.

Custom Factory Fabrication – Geomembranes and Pond Liner – Taking certain steps in the Fabrication process can help your project progress more smoothly.

• Geomembrane factory fabrication eliminates up to 80% of field seaming, resulting in less construction time.

• Factory seaming of liner is done in a climate controlled area eliminating weather issues.

• Project specific adaptations are more easily engineered in a factory setting.

• Geosyntheic panels can be built to size.

Certified Geomembrane and Installation – A great deal of manpower is required to pull a liner in place over compacted, smoothed subgrade. The ability to pre-fabricate single panels of up to 50,000 square feet, can help with efficiency and minimize field seaming, saving you both time and money. Ensuring that crews will install your liner proficiently by air testing seams and pulling destructive samples is an important step and should not be overlooked. Look for personnel that are trained and certified in the latest installation technology and certified for hazardous environments.

Supervision Only – To save you on installation costs many companies can provide you with just one or two highly qualified installation supervisors to assist you in the task of installing your liner. You can use your labor force to accomplish the installation and the supervisor will work side by side with your staff to train them on how to install large panels of material and then seal the seams. You can even purchase or rent installation equipment if you choose too.

Find a company that can offer turn-key project options including: Engineering, design, earthwork, pumps and pumping systems, aeration, de-watering and sludge removal, pond and lake lining, rock walls and water feature work can all be available and coordinated by contacting just one full service geosynthetic contractor.


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