Natural Alexandrite Gemstone – A Real Investment Indeed

Usually gemstone buying is never seen as an investment. However, if one invests wisely, gemstones buying can be very profitable and remunerative too. The popular belief that a diamond is forever and it fetches up to 75% of the resale value and colored stones have no resale value is absolutely wrong. Conversely, investing in Tansanit gemstones can be a profitable business if not just a hobby. But love for gemstones and appreciating their worth are also equally important. One should, therefore, not only look at the monetary benefits but also should be able to appreciate their beauty. If you have the money and are also a gemstone lover then this article is definitely worth a look.

Most of the gem lovers have, at some point or the other, must have heard of the color changing Alexandrite. It is one of the rarest gemstones found which possesses a beautiful characteristic of color change, i.e. it displays a different color in daylight and another color in evening light or candle light. This phenomenon along with rarity makes it very valuable. If you are interested in investing in alexandrite then it’s better to learn everything about it. A single search online yields enough information for you to know everything about it.

Tips for buying alexandrite

1. Trust only natural!

When buying an alexandrite gemstone, one must always make sure that he/she is buying a natural alexandrite and not synthetic alexandrite. The certificate should mention the word “natural”. People often end up buying synthetic gemstone paying very high price and later repent on their decision. As technology rapidly develops, more and more synthetic alexandrites are flooding into the market, which are becoming increasingly difficult to identify. In other words, natural alexandrite without any treatments is getting rarer day by day and hence it’s becoming more valuable.

2. Always insist on authentication

Always buy with a certificate, from a reputed gemological laboratory and not just from the dealer who is selling it, mentioning its authenticity. These days it’s very easy to print out a piece of paper and laminate it, calling it a certificate. Many customers get carried away by this laminated and printed sheet .So one must make sure that the certificate is from a reputed source.

3. Quality comes first!

Always go for quality rather than quantity. A good piece, though a small one, is any day better than a big gem with lower clarity and color.

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