Office Supplies – Comprehensive Business Solutions Far Beyond The Basics

If you run a business, you’ll need office supplies. The question is, what exactly do you include as part of that term? Paper, ink, file folders, pens, letterhead, and envelopes? Depending on your business, you may be missing out. Read on for an array of additional business solutions that will help your company grow.

1) The basics

Just so we have everything covered, we are including the basics. Most offices need those, and they include paper, ink, pens, letterhead, envelopes, filing systems, as mentioned above. That’s what you’ll find when you go to your neighborhood office supplies store. It’s also what you find when you look for an online discount supplier.

And there’s nothing wrong with getting started with the basics. But depending on your business, you may need more, possibly much more.

2) Comprehensive print solutions

Printed letterhead and envelopes are a good start. So are matching business cards. But most businesses need more. From brochures to various other printed promotional materials, including posters and display boards, there’s potentially an endless array of ways printed materials can be used in a business.

3) Catering solutions

Whether it’s coffee for the lunchroom or more sophisticated supplies for a business meeting, providing snacks and beverages is part of running an efficient office.

You don’t want to have your staff run to the shop to buy milk for the coffee if you happen to run out. Nor do you want them to be grumpy because they weren’t able to get their usual coffee in the first place.

In addition, you’ll need cups, plates, and, of course, coffee machines and more.

4) Promotional gifts

Branded promotional gifts are a big part of promoting a Large-format printing business these days. If well-chosen and of excellent quality, they can be very effective in building a positive brand image and attracting new customers.

And since every office has a need for certain standard supplies, promotional items will generally be used on a daily basis, sitting right on top of many employees’ desks. Whether that’s a coffee mug, a branded stapler, a calendar, or even a simple pen, they will remind them of you.

5) Bespoke and special products

In addition to the usual array of products mentioned in point 1), many businesses need bespoke or special products they cannot get from the regular office products supplier.

These may include specialised filing systems for legal practices, and flyers or billboards for estate agents.

The advantage of getting everything from the same supplier

Of course, there’s much more, including ergonomic furniture and customised invoices. Imagine being able to get all of the above from the same supplier – for a great price! Most office supplies providers do not offer even the majority of the specialised services, yet being able to get them all at the same time will save both time and money.

Any business can save quite a bit of staff time when they have to deal with just one supplier as opposed to several different ones. And they can negotiate a nice volume discount at the same time.

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