Profitable Networking Strategies – How to Build Business Relationships (Without Feeling Icky)

There is no magic bullet to becoming wealthy. Money does not bring you happiness, but it does give you freedom to make your life easier and gives you the opportunity to help others.

All of us are looking for the secrets and answers to take our lives and businesses to the next level. There is a system to getting there.

1) Building Relationships

2) Marketing & Branding

3) Hard work and persistence

RELATIONSHIPS:There is nothing more important in business than building genuine relationships. It’s not what you know, but who you know and who knows you. Here are some secrets to networking and building successful relationships with the wealthy.

1) First you only have one chance to make a first impression so it’s important to dress for success and look the part. Don’t overdo it, but make sure you dress appropriately for your surroundings and who you are going to meet.

2) Just be yourself and build a relationship virtual roundtables with them. Don’t pitch them anything. There are many options to work with other entrepreneurs and business people but you need to build trust and sincerity before you talk business.

3) Make your discussions 90% about them and only 10% about you. When you network with someone more successful than yourself, act like you belong.

4) Ask them why they are successful and what is important to them. For many successful people making money is not important, they have other motives, so find out what their reasons are for wanting success. Once you find out what is important to them then see if there is anything you can do to add value to what they are doing.

5) Follow up and follow through. This is important meeting a successful person once and not following up is a total waste of time. Try to set a specific time and date so you can add it to your calendar. Most successful people are only to happy to pass on some of their knowledge and work with those who are dedicated and ambitious.

6) Try to find a way to add value to whatever it is they are doing, this is the best way to make an impression. This could be introducing them to someone who is more successful than them, or someone else who could add value to their business. It may be you have ideas or something that could add value to their business. They will appreciate it, and look for ways to return the favor to you. However, don’t do it in anticipation of getting something in return, the idea is to build a sincere relationship with them.

MARKETING & BRANDING: Marketing is a subject all on its own. However these are the main things to understand.

  1. Who is your target market – demographics
  2. Where are they – how can you locate them
  3. What are their needs, pains and aspirations

4.What value can you offer them over and above your competition

  1. How is your product or service relevant to them
  2. What can you do to compel them to buy from you

Branding yourself and your business is particularly important everything should be congruent. The idea with branding is to have people recognize your name and for your business to be the one they think of first and go to first for the product or services you provide.

What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?
How are you different from your competition?
What added value can you offer?
What are your customer service, return and guarantee policies?
How will people remember your business over and above others offering the same product?
Make sure that your logo, your slogan, your appearance, your business cards, any brochures or flyers, your business décor are all consistent and present the same message throughout.
You want your brand to be something people will remember in a positive way. Not only do you want them to remember your brand to buy from you themselves but you want them to encourage others to buy from you as well.

HARD WORK & PERSISTENCE: There are no quick get rich solutions to getting wealthy, it takes time and lots of hard work. Building relationships, working and fine tuning you ongoing business plan and just being consistent and persistent with your work all takes time. It will take lots of determination on your part but the rewards are worth it.

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