Top Tips For Looking After Your Mattresses

We spend a large proportion of our time spent on mattresses so it makes sense that we should do our best to look after them and there are a number of tips that can be adhered to that will help make mattresses to last considerably longer than would otherwise be the case. Mattresses are something that can last a very long time if they are properly cared for and by dedicating a little time to their maintenance will ensure that the mattresses throughout your home retain both the appearance and comfort levels. Most mattresses have the capacity to last around 5-10 years with the proper care and attention, so, learning the basics for looking after mattresses is a good idea for all homeowners.

Mattresses – Knowing the Simple Parts of Kingsize Mattress Care Looking after mattresses is no great imposition and the can be kept in top condition with the minimum of effort. Mattresses can be kept looking their best by following routines such as the following:

  • Airing – When it comes to looking after mattresses, one of the best things you can do is air it from time to time as this helps the fabric in mattresses to breath and retain the strength. Giving mattresses time to air is also important because it allows any moisture that has accumulated to evaporate, this is especially relevant to a king size mattress and all sizes above due to the mass and surface area.
  • Be Sensible – Obviously, mattresses will last longer if you prevent them being misused. For example, children bouncing up and down on mattresses is likely to damage them and prevent them lasting for as long as would normally be the case.
  • Turning – By turning mattresses, you are likely to considerably increase the lifespan of the mattress. You should look at turning the mattresses in your house every four or five months or so.
  • Protection – You should utilise covers on mattresses to give it that extra layer of protection that will help preserve its lifespan. Keeping the covers that you use on mattresses clean is obviously important as well.
  • Cleaning – You should keep both the mattress and the area around mattresses as clean as possible in order to ensure that they remain fresh and in top condition.

Stick to these simple tips and you will extend the life of your mattress whilst enjoying many nights of comfortable sleep.

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