What You Need to Know About Medical Assisting in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is in high demand for certain services. Many hospitals are stretched out and do not have enough personnel to cover shifts. This has led to increases in workloads, stressed-out staff and an epic fail in covering the needs of patients. This has been known to prove costly and in some extreme cases cause death.

It has become crucial to find high quality staff that can fill this void. These workers help lessen the workload burden on nurses. The Medical Assistant role was created to fill this gaping hole. Many people confuse this role with a nurse assistant or aide. There are differences between these two professions. Firstly, nurse aide training takes less than a month of study. A Medical Assisting degree takes almost one year of study. They are taught the same skills of a Licensed Practical Nurse. They are also taught certain things that are not part of the typical nursing program.

The curriculum of a Medical Assisting includes Anatomy, Physiology, Benzo Withdrawal Medical Terminology, Testing and Lab procedures as well as patient friendly skills. Nurses learn about medications and the pharmacy in much more detail than the Medical Assistant.They are much more concerned with managing a medical office. This includes the gathering of patient data and imputing into a computer, scheduling of patients for appointments, medical transcription, answering the phone, validating insurance cover and processing the billing of insurance companies.

MA’s are required to get important information from patients seeking treatment. This includes height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature. The MA also carries out a number of tests like blood draws, eye screening, hearing tests, electrocardiograms and glucose finger sticks. They are also saddled with the task of phoning in applications about prescriptions at local pharmacies. A Medical Assistant does not diagnose health conditions or offer any form of advice. It is the doctor who has the sole responsibility of deciding how a patient should be treated.

If you go to see a doctor, the MA is the person you met first. It is the MA that prepares a brief medical history about your condition and records the symptoms. It is the MA that informs the doctor about your condition and follows through any prescription that has been made. In order to qualify to be a Medical Assistant, students are expected to undergo an accredited course in medical assisting and score at least 80%. Students are then required to embark on a placement in a medical clinic for a few weeks. The student is considered to be undergoing training and is not paid any salary during this period. A state exam is required in order to be licensed to practice medicine.

In most states, an average salary of a Medical Assistant is over. However, you can use your skills and veer into more profitable industries and make up to every year. A nurse is a nurse. But a Medical Assistant’s career is a flexible one. You can choose to work in a doctor’s office or process claims for a top insurance company. Medical Assisting is a great choice for an adult who is looking to kick start a career. In addition, it is a good option for a young person who is just out of high school.


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