What You Should Expect From Your Plumber

Most people don’t expect too much from a plumber.

Plumbing’s expensive. You’re paying for more than just plumbing. If plumbing was all you were paying for, any Plumber Harrington Park would do. We like to think that our customers aren’t “most people”.

We believe you deserve more; lots more.

At the Clean Plumber, you can always expect….. and get

Quality work — Your plumbing problem should be fixed as well as possible, as quickly as possible by a fully qualified plumber operating from a fully equipped van

Punctuality — Your plumber should be at your place at the time nominated. If he’s late, he should pay you

Cleanliness — You shouldn’t know that a plumber has been in your home, except for the spotless shine and pleasant aroma where he’s worked.

Time — Your plumber should do your work within the nominated time. But he should also spend time with you explaining, answering and clarifying.

Absolute Integrity — Your plumber should treat all your property with complete respect, charge only the agreed fees and honour all guarantees and commitments without question.

Personal Service — Your plumber should solve your plumbing problem. But he should also ensure that he solves any personal distress the plumbing has caused you. You should feel pleased that he’s been at your place.

Professional Treatment — You should discuss your plumbing problems with a qualified, experienced, plumbing manager when you phone. Your plumber should detail charges, guarantees, service commitments and special offers during that call before seeking your agreement to proceed.

Unconditional Guarantee — Your plumber should provide an unconditional guarantee that you’ll pay for the work he does and the service he provides only when you’re satisfied with it. He’ll rectify his mistakes at no cost to you.

Follow Up — Your plumber should call you within 7 days to ensure that you’re satisfied with both quality of work and service.

No Surprises — Your plumber should explain what he’ll do and how much he’ll charge before he starts. He should do it, check it with you, meet all commitments promised. You should never be surprised by any of this. But you should be pleasantly surprised after dealing with The Clean Plumber.


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